Play !> framework - tips for templates to ensure integrity

codeboard has a configuration with use of default values. If these default values are not present, errors can occur on some pages. The example of the tips are on the model class Domain. To ensure that this default values are always present in the configuration, I use 3 tips to be sure defaults datas are always present in the database :

\1. it’s not possible to delete defaults datas

The delete button is not present if the object is the default one.

#\{if !domain.isDefault}

<a href="/admin/domains/$\{}" class="icon icon-del delete" >&\{'delete'}</a>


\2. it is not possible to uncheck a default value

Editing an object, the default attribute is read-only (shown with an image in my code) if it’s a default one; else a standard default check box is shown.

#\{if domain.isDefault }

<img alt="Toggle_check" src="@\{'/public/images/toggle_check.png'}" />



<input type="checkbox" id="domain_isDefault" name="domain.isDefault" value="true" $\{domain?.isDefault ? 'checked':''} />

<input type="hidden" name="domain.isDefault" value="false" />

<span class="errorExplanation">#\{error 'admin' /}</span></p>



To complete these tips on template, a third tip

\3. it is not possible to have twice object being checked as default

So if we’re setting an object to default, we must uncheck the old one. This control is done in the controller (and not in templates).

if (domain.isDefault) \{

Domain defaultDomain = Domain.find("isDefault = ?", true).first();

if (defaultDomain != null) \{

defaultDomain.isDefault = false;;




[to be continued …​]

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