Migrate blog from wordpress to github pages with hubpress

This is done : I’ve migrated my blog from wordpress.com to gh-pages. It’s under hubpress.

I’ve it with the help of this conversion tool, but modified it a little to add :

  • management of tags (line :hp-tags are generated, not the case in the original tool)

  • management of images link (there are modified ot link to images if there are also migration to images folder on github)

  • management of blocks of codes (those blocks are modified to generate [source,<langage>] markup, not done before

  • modify the export to import the comments in disqus with threads linking to gh-pages (and generate link in hubpress format : ended with .html when wordpress posts have no extension.

The tool is not perfect but as it has to be used only one time, it’s enough to migrate the blog with less manually operations after the migration :

  • some posts url are not the same on special characters in titles between wordpress and hubpress (for example 2/3 in title will have a 2-3 url in wordpress and 23 in hubpress: you’ll have to modify those (you can use disqus mapping tool : https://<account>.disqus.com/admin/tools/migrate-map/?p=migrate).

  • not all images are recognized

  • this is more a hubpress bug, but my last version for managing source code blocks, hubpress freezes on admin page if I push the generated asciidoc pages. I’ll have to manually create a post and copy-paste the generated post. It’s still faster to convert those posts with the last version rather then pushing files generated with previous version.

The last thing to do is to log in your hubpress admin page and publish your posts one by one, and the migration is done.

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