Pokemon Go and developer mode on android (make it run on Wiko Highway 4G) : fictive positions

Pokemon Go is available in France and I started plying with, very well on LG G3.

But my wife can’t play on her Wiko Highway 4G, the game "was not" able to locate the phone by GPS. I didn’t found why until I asked myself and try to "hack" the game on my phone with "devloper mode" and "fictive positions". The result is clear : the developers have well done their work and detect the activation of the "fictive positions" in the developer mode. So you can’t play and found pokemons.

As the result was the same on the wiko, I suspected the "fictive positions" were enabled by default on that phone. An it’s the case :

I activated the developer mode (go in the parameters > about the phone > click 4 times on the "build number"), then go back and enter in the "developer mode" new menu. The "fictives positions" were activated by default. So I unchecked the mark and retry the game.

And tada, the game works well now :D

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