Living documentation : a maven plugin

After DevoxxFr 2016 and the talk from Cyrille Martraire ( I decided to implement the principles on my projects and began to code documentation generators based on the source publish by Cyrille on github. So did Benoît Prioux ( the same talk from Cyrille at Bdx/IO 2015. And he made a talk of his living documenation toolbox ( at Bdx/IO 2016.

Benoît initiated a github organisation with "A curated list of stuff about Awesome Living Documentation" and a maven plugin. And I joined him, and Cyrille too. So we’re developing a maven plugin implementing Cyrille’s principles for living documentation. Cyrille gave is repo dot-diagram, which is a dependency for living-documentation to the organisation.

I also recommend link:Cyrille’s book[]. You can also see link:his talk at Devoxx 2016 on YouTube[].

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