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  1. Living documentation : a maven plugin

    After DevoxxFr 2016 and the talk from Cyrille Martraire (https://twitter.com/cyriux) I decided to implement the principles on my projects and began to code documentation generators based on the source publish by Cyrille on github. So did BenoĆ®t Prioux (https://twitter.com/binout) the same talk from Cyrille…

    java, maven, plugin, documentation

  2. XML binding with JAXB 3/3 : plugins

    Once you’ll have been working with JAXB basis, you’ll want to enhance what your doing. For example, in my case, I want to bind my datas with a GUI. For that, I’ll need to use beans binding (JSR 295) with netbeans. You can begin…

    ant, beans binding, jaxb, matisse, maven, Netbeans, xml binding